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PCS products and services are intended to go beyond being competitively priced. If looking solely at conveyance hardware cost, PCS products and services are usually not the least expensive, nor the most expensive. Our goal is to provide the best conveyance value considering the total “commissioning” cost of a conveyance system and its long term cost of operation, which is the real project cost. This would include conveyance systems that are innovative, cost effective, that operate with low spoilage, that install, start-up and operate more efficiently with fewer problems. To this end, partnering with our customers has enabled us to distance ourselves from the competition. Customers trust and depend upon the PCS team of seasoned veterans. Further, the constant challenge of meeting customer expectations perpetuates flexible and responsive business methods and design applications. It is the coupling of our flexible attitude, responsiveness, proven expertise and customer partnering that has yielded “greater-value” conveyance systems.

PCS has supplied and installed many conveyance systems throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. We have had as many as 25 employees in multiple facilities working on installations and line start-ups. No other conveyance vendor routinely fields as many qualified supervisors and servicemen. This provides many benefits for our customers. When these men are “at home” working in our fabrication and assembly facility, the “field” experience they bring back improves the overall quality of the equipment we manufacture. Another benefit realized from PCS installation services is the elimination of finger pointing between the conveyance vendor and the installation contractor. Many customers report a significant reduction in the number of problems during installation and start-up when PCS controls the conveyance installation. Often the primary focus of an independent Installation Contractor is to complete the installation within the allotted timeframe of their bid, with less attention and often little knowledge of how the equipment will ultimately operate. On the other hand, customers report the PCS Installation crews compress the installation schedule and generate a significantly smaller “fix-it” punch list in the process. This usually accelerates start-up activities and achievement of normal production.

Finally, our quality assurance program includes the practice of fully assembling and test running each system we manufacture. PCS customers are invited to participate in the test-run and buy-off activities. Most of our competition considers this practice too costly and time consuming. We have found that test running significantly reduces the number of problems our customers must ultimately deal with in operating the conveyance system. Rectifying a problem during a buy-off is relatively painless, having no cost impact on the customer. Elimination of an identical problem, found during installation or start-up, painfully impacts the project and generally adds to the overall project cost and production loses.

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